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GDVII announces new partnership with Barrisford and Bird

GDVII is happy to announce the new partnership with Barrisford & Bird.


Farewell Nelson Mandela - 'A Great Tree has Fallen' in South Africa

After many gruelling years in support of the anti-apartheid struggle, Nelson Mandela and his following lead the way to a successful non-racial democratic government. Even after being released from a lifetime of imprisonment in 1990 was he able to arise and step outside of his constituency by having a grand vision on economic policy, addressing inequalities created by apartheid whilst promoting the importance of foreign investment in South Africa. Mandela was not in favour of the nationalization of key economic sectors of the economy, a policy of the leadership of the ANC at the time.


Is this the Dawn of a New Era for US and Iraq

Should investors keep an eye out for foreign exchange potential in Iraq? Iraq’s economy has suffered from US sanctions for many years however, Obama’s treaty deal is set to change the economies on a large scale and merge America into the emerging one world economic system.